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     Los Angeles jewelry designer Anita Ko insists that “locking your jewels away in a safe is the dullest past-time”, which is why she uses traditional jewelry materials with such contemporary abandon.  Jewelry by Anita Ko in gold, rose and white gold with classic clear diamonds is far from conservative or heavy.  It’s the lightness and effortlessness of the brand, officially born in 2006 that makes Hollywood stars from Demi Moore to Cameron Diaz willing devotees.


     It’s worth noting that Anita Ko masters every creative style and theme with ease, perhaps because she started creating jewelry in childhood and never stopped, before making it her profession.


     Precious flora is crystallised in the designer’s Leaf rings, with two or three exquisitely criss-crossed leaves of trees and in her single leaved earrings:  gold stems steadily holding the natural shape, framed in cut diamonds.


     Ava earrings – partially or fully open fans – are evocative of the Art Deco era.  While ribbons of diamonds in Bianca stud earrings, gently dangling between two studs are for those daring enough to have two piercings in one ear.


     The Infinity ring really does look on a finger like a symbol of eternity, in an abstractly geometric way.  Anita Ko’s animalistic theme includes a ring in the shape of two adorable wild cats and a parrot in diamond pave and multi-coloured sapphires.  Whatever style or theme she plays with, you can be sure that jewelry by Anita Ko will always be free-and-easy and for all their obvious value, they aren’t so festive to be kept for special occasions and then returned to a safe.  These are inventive jewelry fantasies, which can’t stay in hiding for long.