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     Jewels at the British house of David Morris are so sparkly, full-blooded and charismatic that one would be forgiven for thinking there’s rich history involving centuries behind it.  While in fact, in the jewelry world, the brand is quite young – only last year it boasted its first half-centenary.  And in that time David Morris has become a leading name in the industry, securing authoritative status among collectors of precious jewelry all over the world.


     Son of a jeweler who owned a small atelier and graduate of London’s Central School of Arts and Craft, David Morris founded the brand in 1961.  From the very beginning his ambition was to craft one-off pieces and this he achieved very quickly.  One of Morris’s first creations was a brooch, which sprayed strands of marquise and rose-cut diamonds.  This earned him the award for Innovative Design at the 9th De Beers Diamonds International Awards.  A year later at the 10th competition, Morris was awarded a second time in the same category for a soft cuff bracelet - diamond ribbons, fastened with diamond snowflakes and stars.


     But most importantly, David Morris made his mark by giving classics a contemporary twist.  Elegant shapes combine with subtle eccentricity in design.  Thanks to this and the sheen of superior class stones, in all their conservatism, the pieces are far from cold, on the contrary emotional.  At David Morris the focus in every piece is on the precious stones and every composition is made in such a way as to maximize the beauty of the diamond, ruby, emerald, blue sapphire.


     Two years after the brand was established, among the first to visit the Mayfair boutique in London were Iranian Empress Farah Pahlavi, Queen Noor of Jordan, Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor, English Princesses Margaret and Anne and also Eighth Countess Spencer, who bought a gift for her daughter Diana, Princess of Wales.


     The brand became more widely known when jewels by David Morris “played” roles in several Bond films:  first in 1974 in The Man with the Golden Gun, they returned to the screen in 1997 in Tomorrow Never Dies and again in 1999 in The World Is Not Enough.


     In the 90s son Jeremy Morris took over the family business, he inherited his father’s design talent as well as a discerning feel for gemology.  It was Jeremy with his business acumen who turned an island jewelry house into an international brand.  Today he upholds the same jewelry art principals as his father.  He has added energy and playfulness to his father’s style, while at the same time, retaining the grandeur.  Amid the light touch of fantasy and Eastern flourish in any piece of jewelry by David Morris, there’s always a whiff of British aristocracy.  But far from old-fashioned, contemporary construction is complemented with exquisite technical execution.  Even the most complicated multilayered compositions with substantial quantities of precious stones are perfectly balanced and aligned.  Signature dangly earrings, wrist bracelets and waterfall necklaces at David Morris are characterized by their lightness and effortlessness, at the same time they are high-flying jewels.  And in this, David Morris is a truly British brand – tradition keeps pace with innovative ideas in design and with progress in the jewelry industry.