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     There’s a love story behind jewelry label Etername.  Founder Sarah Besnainou decided to make an extra special gift for her loved one and came up with a design for cufflinks.  In order to demonstrate the depth of her feelings, she took a few lessons in jewelry art in order to craft them herself and under professional supervision, she mastered it admirably.  More importantly, during the process, as she sat at the jeweler’s desk, Sarah realised that this is exactly what she would like to do with her life – create jewellery.  So in 2008 a beautifully romantic gesture turned into a business for 26-year-old Besnainou.  She left her post in the PR department at the House of Dior and plunged into jewelry making.


     Sarah immediately knew she wanted to make jewellery that lasts, so the owner feels a link to history and genuine value, which is where the brand name Etername came from.  The words eternity and name combined.  Furthermore, in Greek the name means: “make me eternal”.


     Incidentally, Sarah didn’t leave the fashion world far behind, she puts her creations in categories: pret-a-porter, couture and haute couture.  She makes everyday jewelry for the first and pieces-uniques inspired by baroque or Eastern motifs for the second two.


     Whatever the inspiration behind sixteen collections created so far, Etername will always be feminine, romantic and playful jewelry.  Many pieces combine complicated elements:  elegant diamonds plaited in gold pave, linking the jewelry together in an eternity style sign or infinity symbol, as seen in Enterlacs, Lune and Eternelles collections.


     What’s more, Sarah’s jewellery takes you on a journey, it is born of impressions, things seen that contribute to her creativity.   Asymmetric gold circular earrings and bracelets from the Odaya collection replicate the surface of the sea in Israel.  Arabesques in Noor came to be thanks to sunrays through latticed shutters at home in Dubai.