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     American jewelry house Kwiat was founded in New York in 1907 by Sam Kwiat and within the last century grew from a small atelier to a substantial family business.  For more than 100 years the brand has specialized in creating jewelry with natural diamonds framed in platinum or all types of gold.  Not only is Kwiat considered a leader in the American jewelry industry but it is also among very few names trusted by clients who are by no means first generation.


     Back in 1933, son David came on board, and today there are already third generation Kwiats at the helm – Sheldon and Lowell, have managed to maintain high standards of quality diamonds and talent, which form the basis of jewelry at Kwiat, in a contemporary, current angle.  The design bureau and atelier, as one hundred years ago, are located on Madison Avenue.  Gemologists, designers, jewellers, fasteners and polishers – a professional team of specialists are responsible for what is known here as “engineering work” for the creation of “eternal values”, which are handed down to grandchildren.


     In 2007, to mark the centenary, the Kwiat house presented the Decades collection, in it were jewels created in the style of each of the ten decades in the 20th Century from Art Nouveau in 1910 via Neo Classics in the 40s, Florentine motifs of the 60s and large abstract forms in 80s post modernism.  This special collection was designed to remind that master at Kwiat can master any style, shape and construction with diamonds, from the simplest to the most fantastical.  It revealed that interest among diamond lovers for vintage pieces remains strong, particularly for the 20s era.  From that moment, the House has continued to add vintage collections – sparkly replicas from its own Art Deco period.  Exquisitely designed, the jewels aren’t only made of natural diamonds but from classic triads of stones – blue sapphires, emeralds and rubies.


     Connoisseurs and lovers of “anti-fashion” - timeless diamond jewelry - go to Kwiat for graceful bracelets, large hooped earrings, engagement rings with the purest solitaires and even for tiaras – budget permitting – there’s a reason behind the tiara which forms the symbol of the house.  Notwithstanding the frequent reflection on the past and commitment to classic design, Kwiat is neither old-fashion nor heavy, there’s no sense of grandma’s dressing-up box, on the contrary – silhouettes and shapes are light, delicate, elegant, subtly executed and totally in tine with today.