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     American brand Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry made its name on the red carpet at the Academy Awards ceremony – The Oscars - earning an impressive reputation.  Lorraine Schwartz herself, founder and head designer of her eponymous brand is known her side of the ocean as the Queen of Oscar Bling, a nickname, which is totally justified. 


     Lorraine was born to a family that for three generations before her traded diamonds throughout the twentieth century.  In 1989 she inherited the business and within a few years turned its attention to jewelry making, changing the name to Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry.  There is a romantic story behind her impulses for change: in the early 90s Lorraine was approached by Iman about finding a distinguished diamond for her future wedding ring – the beautiful model was due to marry musician David Bowie.  As a result, Lorraine designed the ring:  a 10 carat yellow diamond and since then she hasn’t stopped turning her personal taste and fantasies into reality.


     Very quickly Lorraine’s talent was spotted at the jewelry department at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman - one of the most authoritative shopping centres in the USA, which immediately gains recognition in highest business circles.  And consequently among industry professionals, stylists, journalists, and of course admirers of precious jewels and celebrities, for whom from time there’s an obligation to sparkle in extraordinary jewels.


     Lorraine’s debut on the red carpet was in 2002 when actress Halle Berry won her prize at the SAG Awards for her role in the film:  Monsters Ball, wearing a necklace by Lorraine Schwartz that looked like it was woven in diamond lace.  Incidentally, it is this complex combination of lots of different precious stones, which sit on a woman’s skin like a light lace collar, that is a signature technique.


     From that moment forth, the designer’s jewels were chosen by the likes Barbara Streisand, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Christine Aguilera, Jessica Biel and many other stars of cinema and music worlds.  One of the most effective and memorable outings by Lorraine Schwartz was Angelina’s Jolie’s spotlight appearance in 2009 wearing earrings of large Columbian emeralds, weighing 115 carats at a cost of $2.5m; they were declared the most expensive at the Oscar ceremony.  Singer Beyoncé, another huge fan of Schwartz’s, even mentioned the jeweler’s name in her 2006 hit Upgrade U.


     Generous sizes are another reason celebrities love Lorraine Schwartz – the jewels are far from modest, they are definitely statement pieces and at times much more noticeable than the clothing.  Lorraine admits that she approaches jewelry like fashion design, which is why her pieces look like fashion items and reflect tendencies and emerging trends in the fashion world.  It’s no coincidence that the Council of Fashion Designers of America included Lorraine Schwartz in their honours list.


     Another distinguishing feature of jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz is the variety.  Large solitaire stones sit in harmony with intricate geometrics in gold, and flamboyant floral motifs with Eastern arabesques.  Unique and always extraordinary, some pieces are extravagant, others modern and ultra-fashionable but never dated - as with any talented precious jewelry avant-garde.  These jewels immediately capture attention and are impossible to forget.


     Lorraine Schwartz daringly breaks all the rules, combining “high” and “low” materials:  gold and wood, coloured diamonds and ivory, jade and rubies.  Each time she comes up with something inimitable and for this reason she is counted among the brightest jewelry designers in America and the world.