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     A few years ago, Gaia Repossi, idealist and owner of family brand Repossi, became one of those designers to make a silent revolution in the jewelry world.  The designer stunningly demonstrated that diamonds could be daring, young at heart, stylish and in harmony with the mood of today.


     A native of Turin and inhabitant of France, an artist by vocation and archaeologist by profession, Gaia Repossi grew up in an artistic environment.  Her great grandfather owned a jewelry atelier; her grandfather was a Modernist artist who worked in the field of industrial design before continuing the family tradition, which he eventually passed to Gaia’s father Alberto Repossi.  It was he who allowed his daughter to play with precious stones and during her studies at the Sorbonne, encouraged her to work in the Paris office.  Gradually her ideas for jewelry design taken from art and fashion worlds, began to dominate at Repossi and her father trusted Gaia to develop the brand’s aesthetic in a new direction.


     In 2007 she became creative director of the eponymous brand and the style she chose to develop was laconic minimalism, distinguished by echoes of architectural constructions and motifs of ethnic jewelry.  The construction of cuff-earrings, rings, bracelets and chokers in gold at Repossi – is restrained and deliberately simple.  The pieces gain precious “weight” with the addition of diamonds, rubies and emeralds of various cuts –perhaps not the main point of the jewelry but still a strong one.  The ergonomics of the constructions follow lines and curves of the body: “when you slip them on, you immerse your body in freedom / liberate your body”says Gaia.  Firmly but gently clasping parts of the female form, the jewellery creations emphasise long fingers and narrow wrists, exquisite ear-lines, necklines and collarbones.


     “I like to disturb the balance between the way it was considered acceptable to present jewelry with precious stones decades ago by displacing them today from the central role,” - says Gaia Repossi of her credo.  “Aesthetically I craft jewelry, which perfectly complements the language of fashion, but I craft them impeccably, according to traditional jewellery mastery.”