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     The founders of Shamballa Jewels Mads and Mikkel Kornerup have always practised Buddhism and Tibetan philosophy.  Therefore, when the Danish brothers created their first silver collection Shamballa Jewels Thunderbolt, it was comprised of various bracelets, reminiscent of the strings of beads or mala - the cult accessory of the religion and instrument for counting mantras and rituals, also an item in which Buddhist teaching is encoded.


     Two years later the brothers travelled to Nepal, there under the aesthetic influence of local sacred jewels, they created the Star of Shamballa collection, this time from gold and with precious stones.  The style of this ornamental jewellery looked quite simple at first glance but the content bestowed by the Kornerup brothers is far more complicated:  they are talisman jewels, intended to give the owner positive energy, inner peace and strength to overcome difficulties.


     Officially founded in 2005, the Shamballa bracelet – with prayer beads made from 18 carat gold and 10 millimetre beads in diamonds and other precious stones, braided and joined together with thread using a macramé technique – immediately became its signature piece.  One of the first to acquire such a bracelet was musician-rapper Jay Z, who never let go of his lucky charm and fuelled desire in hundreds of other famous people seeking a similarly stylish and precious one.  Among them Karl Lagerfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow, Boris Becker, Diane von Furstenberg, Demi Moore, Georgio Armani and Her Royal Highness the Danish Queen Maria.


     Among collections today are hundreds of variations of the bracelet made with natural materials and precious stones in various sizes, with and without macramé.  They are developed for maximum individuality and uniqueness, so they remain personal.


     In 2011 the brothers came up with another signature piece – the Lock bracelet, made with beads shaped like curved squares where the possibilities for individual design are even greater.  This year the aesthetics of both Shamballa and Lock bracelets were organically applied to rings, earrings, cufflinks, pendants and necklaces.


     Every piece of jewelry features the brand’s logo and often repeated motif symbol: a small Star of Shamballa, a reminder of the special meaning the precious jewelry holds.


     Shamballa Jewels combine an original design mix of ancient Buddhist and Nordic elements, using modern innovative jewellery making techniques and old Scandinavian crafts.  Each one is sealed with the same positive philosophy.